Career After MBBS

I have been researching during my UG days as well as these days, what are the options we have after completing most prestigious and most rewarding(???) course in the world. Yes we doctors need to think and plan our career. Because Its not easy to have a private practice for all the candidate and also not an interest of all of them. Some want to have decent peaceful life, while some wants a career full of action and lots of money. We all have made think be our surroundings (Atleast I was) that its very rewarding life after you complete MBBS. All the paths to glorious success is open before you after completing it. But is that so? We all know the answer. Its a Start of Our Journey. Real Journey. After MBBS.

Here are some options we have. I will be delighted to have your options and opinions in comments.

– Do Post Graduation.

-Jobs in various private hospitals.

– Jobs in Government Rural Hospital (PHCs , CHCs)

-Private practice.

-Direct permanent Commission/Short Service Commission in Army Medical Corps.

-Give UPSC.

Union Public Service Commission conducts Combined Medical Services Examination for recruitment to various posts as
follows :

– Assistant Divisional Medical Officer in the Railways.

– Medical Officer in Municipal Corporations

– Central Health Service (Health Ministry)

– Indian Ordinance Factories Health Services (Ministry of Defence).

– Candidates are also eligible to sit for the Civil Services examination after M.B.B.S.


78 comments on “Career After MBBS

  1. Hello Sir,

    I’m and undergraduate MBBS student and I find your blog really useful. I just wanted to ask you to elaborate more on the options in post graduation.

    What are the subjects we can do MD in? I know that there are Pre-clinical, Para-clinical and Clinical subjects, but what are the various clinical subjects in which MD can be done? Is there an MD (Cardiology) or it can be done in super-speciality (DM) only? And how is cardio-thoracic surgery different from cardiology?

    Thank you for your time 🙂

      • Sir my name is monika i hav done my mbbs from delhi due to some reasons couldnt pursue my postgraduation now after 10yrs i am wanting to study further i given an attempt in NEET and dnb this year i would be grateful if u good let me know if i can do a PG diploma in Medical cosmetology and do private practice does the MCI allow

    • And regarding your doubt in Cardiology: Cardio logist is a DM with cardiology. MBBS+3+3 in Medicine with superspeciality subject Cardiology,while Cardio thoracic surgeon is Mch( Cardio Thoracic) MBBS+3+3 in Surgery, cardio thoracic being superspeciality branch.

    • UPSC Exam produces IAS officers. The course of examination does not depend on your area of graduation. While CMS is an examination for Medical Professionals after Graduation. After UPSC you will get an administrative Post anywhere in the country. Declaration of prospectus shows number of vacant posts in advance. And CMS produce Medical Officers. Ofcaurse that post is really High, such as in Municipal Corporation in delhi, various Railways Hospital, as a superintendent. and so on… so Both are totally different examination. UPSC is for General Administration, Produces IAS. and CMS is for Medical Professionals Strictly and Produces High End Medical Officers and Superintendent.

  2. It seems a lot of interest have been generated among the fresh graduates regarding the opportunities after MBBS. You can also put your views, and if good enough, i will put it in main article. Share it.

  3. sir, wat abt mba and hosp administration? can u tell us how long each of theses courses are? how to get through? n wat wud b taught in des courses

  4. Thnx for the info dr kals.. hv a few queries..i hv passed my mbbs from if ll b eligible to write d exam??n hw do one start preparing for it??

    • See, you will have to pass Mci exam to get Ur degree recognised in india. And must complete 1 year internship as well. After that you can give such competitive exams for pg medical courses.

  5. Sir, I have completed MBBS from Kerala. I would like to be associated with a football team,preferably in England, as a team doctor. What are the courses that I have to do for that?

  6. since getting a pg seat in ms or md is really tough nowdays i wanted to know what are the other courses available after mbbs and how is the future in them…?

  7. Sir,i have passed my mbbs from maharashtra in 2010.. can u pls give guidance regarding the C.P.S. courses for pg.. any point in pursuing them?

    • Well that depends upon one’s choice. CPS has future same as DNB. Though recognition will come later.

      If you ask me, I will not be doing it.

      If you belong to town and want to practise there only, then CPS is good option.

  8. Sir i m 2nd year mbbs student. My aim and dream is to become a neurosurgeon. I am really dedicated to it. But sometimes i feel anxious about it because i feel these as drawbacks. – It takes too much time to become MBBS=3+3
    -It is too risky proffession
    -OPD is not so crowdy. Less patients come.
    – It is too hard and tough proffession
    – Will i be able to clear PG entrance exam(NEET)
    – If i fail then?
    – sometimes i feel there are better fields than this
    These all questions harrass me a lot. Do help me plz.
    Actually from now only i want to decide in wich field to go. My anatomy was not so well in 1st year since i want to be a surgeon. Please guide me. Or if any other field for me plz do let me know. I want to serve people and too make a money and fame. THank you.. Shivam.

    • Dear Shivam,

      By these questions, one can be sure of that you are a genuine medico who wants to aspire high in the field and not wasting time and your dad’s money after this course.
      See, every medico does have same questions as you have.
      Get one thing clear, Internship will make you clear which branch do you like most. You will have to shortlist it 3-4-5 branches.
      You will have to study hard for clearing entrance exams. It will be time taking and also depends upon your level of preparation.
      Once you get good enough rank, then you will have to think about superspeciality you always wanted to day.
      In some case it may happen that after doing general surgery, some medico put aside the plan of doing super specialization and continue their career from that point onwards. You have to be dedicated to Medical Profession. You must be truely interested in that subject. then only you may get admission in perticular field. and ofcourse it is time taking. but it is rewarding at later stage.

      Other thing is if you select any branch in counselling and wor for atleast 6 months, you will be start liking it.
      So dont worry about it, get yourself prepared for NEET and other exams. Thats all you have to think about it now.
      Good luck. All the very best.

  9. hello sir i love ur website, i m 1 very much aspiring dr…want 2 ask u how much does it matter if we do mbbs from a prvt or govt clg,good or any college….so how does it affect the career later on when we do pg.plz sir i need ur help…plz guide me.

  10. sir,i need your advice….
    i like to think deeply and understand things as much as i can….i like pharma,patho,physio,genetics,medicine etc…i don’t know what should i try for clinics or research??
    i’m a final yr UG

    • Clear the exams first. That should be your motto for now. Rest can be decided later on when you have your rank card in your hand specifying good rank.

  11. sir,
    i would lik to know is it better to go for IAS after mbbs or md.?
    I am a final year mbbs student in kerala govt. medical colg.I want to give a try to civil service.Bt am in confusion whether to give it after getting my pg or immediately after my UG.Sir ,kindly respond to my doubt and help me make my career..
    Thank you.

    • See you need to make it very clear from very beginning what you want to become. changing your goal in middle of the way wont help you. If you want to become and IAS Officer, PG degree will cause no good to you.

      Better decide now what you want to become, a doctor or an IAS officer?

      Good Luck. Take Care.

  12. sir, fortunately this year I`ll be joining medical academy. But I want to tell u that I never planned for MBBS. All my dedication was for Bsc in genetics, But due to my family`s insistence I`m gonna join Medical Academy in Russia…
    So, my querry is: will I be able to continue my dream subject i.e. Genetics after MBBS? Does this field related to treatment of genetic disorders have scope and earning? Also, can I do PG in genetics(Msc) after MBBS?

    • Sorry dude, i dont have much knowledge regarding how to get to genetics as career. But, Medical graduates can pursue Genetics if they get to go PG in Anatomy. Now a days PG in anatomy is easy.

  13. Sir I wanted to no that if I complete my mbbs den are der any opportunities tat I can earn good. Pg will do bt it depends on my family wen does they want me to marry nd allllll. Bt atlst I do my mbbs can I earn gud enough. Plz rply sir I m very confused dis days. Also werr 2 go mbbs or bds. Plz guide me

    • U can earn good, above average salary by being an MBBS doctor.
      BDS is also good. You will have to open a clinic of your own if you choose BDS as your career. Medical field is highest paid branch. all you need is planning and dedicated work.

  14. sir m in a pvt. medical college of rajasthan pursuing mbbs please guide me that doing mbbs from a pvt. college will affect my efficiency as a doctor in any manner

    • Now a days pvt medical college have flourished. One thing is to know, it will make no difference at all after 1-2 years of passing out as an MBBS. Just after passing out, there will be difference in skills among pvt and govt medical graduates, but you can have experience in various institutes and within a short time, you are as good as govt graduates , or may be better if you show enough dedication to your work compared to those who dont work either govt or pvt college medical graduates.

  15. i am working in sail as medical husband is plant physician here (after doing dih) .s due to his degree many private companies offering good job. we should leave this job and join to private company ? confused please help

    • If prospects are better than sail, you should certainly watch out. But I think SAIL is paying good enough amount and JOB Security. Also you both gotta be together. You can decide according to your future planning.

  16. Hi sir Im in my final yr MBBS and wish to become an oncologist which branch shud I do my pg in kindly guide… Also is India a gud option for this or abroad?

    • Oncology comprises of 3 field. You can be Oncosurgeon, Oncophysician or Oncoradiotherapist. For 1st 2 option, you need to do PG in Surgery and Medicine respectively first and then another 3 years of super specialization course. for oncoradio you need to pursue 3 years of radiotherapy course. and you can practice as oncoradiologist in multispeciality hospitals of metro cities.

  17. sir, i am pursuing chemical engineering (2nd yr) right now..but i had a passionate urge towards medical since my high school..but due to my family and parents pressure i had to leave the dream and join engineering institution.
    so kindly suggest me ..joinin a medical institution will be good. Or shall i pursue it after finishin my btech.OR should i forget the dream of pursuin medicine ??? i am kinda confused. Consulted many frnds and ppl but dint come out with an answer
    (i am 18 ri8 now)
    Or is der any field connecting chemical engineering with medicine????
    kindly try sorting this out..Thanks

    • I dont think there is any relationship between chemical engineering and Medical field. Before jumping between branches, you need to make sure of your reasons and consequences of action we take. Its our choice we make after 12th. By d way try to clear your reasons to get into the MEDICAL branch first. If still you think that you want to pursue MEDICAL branch, you will need to clear PMT exam conducted every year on all India basis. Dont choose medical branch for money or glory. Most of doctors are struggling for both of them as in other engineering branches. So if you clear your reasons, you will surely get your answer.

  18. I completed MBBS 8 years ago. I have not got through pg entrance. I have had several attempts. I am extremely interested in pg medicine as i recently started a private clinic but the patients want MD doctor only. it is disappointing. so i don’t know how to get that seat. i am very hard working. but in so much confusion and depression now. Can you suggest any doctor who I can train under who teaches well and is kind enough to give me their knowledge in medicine? I feel atleast if I work under capable hands, i will pick up in my practice too. warm regards

    • Hello sanmay,

      The point is what you want to do in medical field. If you want to treat patients being an MBBS doctor, you need to choose your place of clinic wisely. Preferably outskirts of the cities. If you want to do PG, you should also think about concreting your practice in the city you stay or choose to work, it will require further 5 years and plus 3 years of post graduation. almost 8 years. these are the scenario simplified for you. if you think with clear mind, you certainly have got the point. And MBBS practice is a practice of medicine itself. Its upto you afterall upto what level you want to reach. You can work with self satisfaction as being an MBBS doctor also. All you need is a little bit courage and some financial planning. Thats all. All DOCTORS are smart enough to find their ways in most profitable outcome. 😉

  19. Hello sir.
    I am currently in my 2nd year. MBBS.
    Although it’s too soon to tell. I was seriously considering sports medicine as my PG subject.
    But I don’t know anything about it. The career opportunities, the scope, the security.
    I’ve loved sports ever since I was young. Especially football. I know that doing sports medicine abroad is better than doing it in India as there is more scope and I do plan on writing the USMLE.
    Will I have the same longevity as that of a clinician? Are there any opportunities in India at all? Because if I do go abroad, I will come back to India sometime.

  20. Hello.. I have finished my MBBS and I am doing my internship now. I an interested in joining the armed forces. U have also mentioned about tat in ur career options. Can u please give me more details as to how I can go about to join there. It would be of a lot of help. Thanku.

  21. Hello sir,
    I am into fourth month of interning . And really confused and disorientated . I really wish to pursue my post graduation that is mostly md somewhere in us uk or Australia , could you please guide me on how I have to prepare for each of these exams . How exactly I have to go about it. Thank you

  22. I always wanted to join b tech but due to family pressure i had to join mbbs…i am in final year now …i desperately want to get rid of this field as it has become a burden …is there any non medical option after mbbs …preferably in IT field…??

  23. SIR Iam doing m.b.b.s final year in previte collage want to do non clinical side like teaching bec iam average student so i iam thinking of my job what i have to do after my m.b.b.s plz gide me?

  24. I’m in Highschool(Grade 12-CBSE – Having taken PCB without Math) – I’m still consudering my options over MBBS/BDS/Genetics.
    I want to know that if there is a field related to Genetics after MBBS-that will make me use this genetic part in the field of medicine.

    Thanks Sir 😀

  25. Hello sir
    Sir I have cleared cms exam but appointment letter is yet to come…sir I m getting dgo seat from mp but I m confused about what to do
    Whether to take dgo n apply for extension or whether to join cms n prepare again
    N sir after how many years in job can wego for pg?????

  26. Hi Sir i am thinking to make my career in the medical field doing MBBS. But it is time taking and money too! Listening to people around, i am getting confuse as I belong from poor family. My parents are asking for loan.
    Please Help!

    • Well, both of points you have made are valid.
      If you are bright enough, you would get admission in govt medical colleges where there is very nominal fees say 6000-15000 annually. So no money or any loan required for study purpose.
      Yes , Journey of medical science is time taking. If you can prepare yourself for a long journey before you can earn substantial amount of money, then go for it. Otherwise go for engineering or pharmacy which are less lengthy. All we can say, Medical Science will pay you in long term.

  27. sir I have been called forr afmc pune interview for mbbs. The problem is there is a bond for 25 lakhs stipulating that i have to serve for 7 years after mbbs in the army. 4 years if i wanted to do PG. I have also secured admission at lady hardinge medical college delhi. my ambition is to become a neurosurgeon or more of research the brain. while afmc has one of the best faculty in india the bond as well as the condition of serving 4 year before PG is what is causing me some trouble. please advice.

  28. Hello,
    Thank u for the informative post. Im an MBBS graduate wanting to pursue in the field of psychiatry. I would like to know ur insight on the subject. What are my options? The best institutions in India and their entrances or any such information. Waiting for ur reply. Thank you.

      • Hello I’m a MBBS graduate currently doing internship. Just like u I have been researching from 4 years about career in non clinical fields after MBBS. I took interest in MHA(masters in hospital administration) but now I feel like it doesn’t fit my personality. I also heard career in clinical research is a good option. I want to be in some field where there is growth in terms of Position as well as financially. I’m confused which field to choose. What other options do you suggest for me apart from mha and clinical research? And what is the scope of mmit

  29. Sir I would like to write CMS exam , but I have a doubt whether they will give any study leave for doing PG I plan to do MD Pathology , and also after PG will They give a job based on my Speciality.

    • No buddy, You need to decide first what you want to do. I guess you will not get time to prepare for PG while doing Job after clearing CMS. Take a job where you would get ample amount of time for study after doing your duty.

    • You can go in management quota seats in pvt. medical college. not in govt. quota. But why do you want to go to Medical stream??

  30. sir my name ashoka my sister studing 3rd year mbbs in china suchoo university after completing mbbs there is she able to work in india or if she want to md in india is it possible here

    • Yes of course. Any foreign graduate need to give FMGE examination and also 1 year of internship in any govt hospital. After completing these two, one can practice in India as well as give PG Examinations.

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