No Need for Record of Injured before Treatment, Supreme Court Tells Doctors

This Supreme Court ruling could be a boon for accident victims, many of whom have lost their lives because of doctors’ reluctance to attend to an injured immediately without informing the police and registration of a medico–legal case, which consumes precious time.

The primary job of a doctor is to attend to the injured and not to take down his name, the cause of accident or injury and other such incidental injury, said a bench comprising Justices S B Sinha and Cyriac Joseph. This ruling could save doctors a lot of headache and harassment in the court during their examination as witness in a case.

“It is not the requirement of law that doctors, even before admitting the injured or during their treatment, must note down every detail of the incident or names of the witnesses in the registers maintained by them,” said Justice Sinha.

This is the part of the article which was published in Times of India of 21st May, 2009. For whole article visit to site of Times of India.

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