Post Graduate Medical Degree Courses

Comprehensive list of P.G or Post Graduate Medical Degree courses offered by various Indian Medical Institutes. 

The post graduate degree courses offered in various medical subjects lead to the degree of MD, MS, DM or MCh. The surgical courses lead to the degree of MS or MCh whereas the courses related to medicine lead to the degree of MD or DM 

Medindia provides you with the complete list of information on the post-graduate degree courses offered by medical colleges  in India 

The information provided is at three levels –

The first level informs about the various degrees conferred by the medical colleges
The second level informs about the seat available in each specialty area in the course
The third level informs about the Medical colleges offering the seats. 

Click below on – MD, MS, DM or MCh to find out more..,

MD – Post graduate medical Degree (Doctor of Medicine)

MS – Post graduate surgical degree (Master of Surgery)

DM – Super Speciality Degree (Doctor of Medicine)

MCh – Super Speciality Degree (Master of Chirurgical)


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