Intereview for Applicant Guidelines 1

Fair Interviews and chances:

If you are invited for an interview without any contacts from that particular program, I mean a fair interview call, then you surely have a very good chance for that program. You can imagine that out of 1000-1200 applications for interview, why they have selected you?. I have seen people going to the interview without any preparations, which is wrong because the interview is your only way to express yourself and I would say that you should prepare as well as you can.

  • Interview through ERAS:

If you have got an interview through ERAS that means another fair interview because the program has all the information about you and then they have selected you for interview.

  • Interview through contacts (recommendations):

You would find many people saying that these contact interviews are just to make you happy but just think that a lot of people have contacts but they do not get interviews. So I would say that even in these interviews you should try to do your best.





These programs are generally looking for good candidates, with good communication skills and they do not ask you technical or professional questions like some clinical vignettes and MCQs test before interviews, but that does not mean that you should not read anything.
Try to do some study especially some Emergency medicine topics. These programs would have a very formal interview and would probably consist of your interests, hobbies, future goals, objectives and things like that. Typical interview questions would probably be:
1. Initial introduction, how was your journey, any difficulties and things like that.

2. What are your interests?

3. What do you like about our program and why you have selected our program?

4. What can you do about our program, which some one else can not do? (tough question).

4a. What type of person are you, means academician or practitioner?

5. If you have done some research, they might ask you what were your specific interests about this research?

6. What is your future plans? In terms of fellowship, private practice and some research interests.

7. Most of the programs would like to know about your future affiliations to their program. So try to establish a root with the city in which you are being interviewed and tell them your plans that you would be staying in USA and do your fellowship and then join the faculty. Green card holders and citizens have advantage on this part. They are interested to know, how long you will stay with them because nobody wants you to train and let you go.

8. They might ask you about something that is extra-ordinary in your CV, so be prepare for that.

9. In the interview board, there might be some people who have done research in the same area as yours. Please do not try to impress them or produce any conflict with them. Those people have spent their lives in research and your 20-30 minutes interview can not change their ideas instead it could hurt your chances. Those people just want to know that you are hard working and would perform the duties of a resident very honestly and comfortably.

10. Do not try to go into minute details of things like New research, development ad never discuss any controversial issue.

11. Do not show them that you are strictly Type-A personality. If you do not understand anything, you could always ask them to elaborate the question.

12. Please speak clearly. It does not matter if you do not have a very impressive American English accent but you should speak clearly and never end your statement with “You know what I mean”.

13. If at some stage you feel that you will not be accepted, do not give up. Perhaps the last interview question might help you and you will be selected.


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