What to read for preparing for PG?

I have got d following written somewhere when searching for information regarding AIPG and AIIMS specially. ( Indian PG Exams)

I dont believe that these much books can be read cover to cover during mere 1 year of internship or another year, its worth of taking a look on the list for knowing which books are to be read for AIPG and AIIMS preparation.

Anatomy .. Chaurasia or Dutta (all volumes)
Physiology … Chaudhuri and Ganong (better both)
Biochem… Lippincott
Pharmac.. KDTripathi
Micro,… ANanthanarayanan and Panicker parasitology
Path… RObbins Pathologic Basis

FM … Reddy or Apurva Nandy
SPM.. Park

ENT.. Dhingra or De
Opthal .. Nema or Basak

Medicine….. (George Mathews or Alagappan) + Davidson + (Hutchison or Macleod)
Surgery…. Short cases by Das + Clinical Das See here for more info regarding Books to read for Surgery

Ortho… Maheswari or Ebnezar
OG…. Dutta Obst + (dutta gyn or shaw gyn)

Psy.. Ahuja

You can manage by reading only the important topics in few books

Gray.. Embryology
Physiology .. Ganong Tables
Biochem .. harper genetics and chaterjee lab methods
Paed.. OP Ghai or Achar… Initial chapters
Surgery… Bailey… Initial and last chapter
Derm… From harrison AND also davidson


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