Suggestion/ Request/ Query Section

Hi , here is a separate section for the queries and suggestions.

You can ask your questions,post your suggestion, or make any request here easily, and maximum try will be made to get you answer.

“Asking question is a start towards destination”


2 comments on “Suggestion/ Request/ Query Section

  1. hii..m a final yr med student aspirin 4 mle..r clerkships essntial 4 gettin selected n wtz d minimum period needed 2 do clerkship cuz my internship wud start in less dan a mnth aftr final yr xamz..wt wud b d cost of clerkship at collz like harvard or john hopkins n wtz d procedure 2 apply?n wt criterias do i need 2 fullfill if i want2 get residency in surgery or branches oder dan med?

  2. Hi garima,
    1) No clerkships are not d essential part for USMLE, but if you have done it, than you will get more chance being selected.

    2) Well, now a days you have to apply 5-6 months before your actual date of joining. There is waiting list of student getting into some clerkship.

    3) About cost and other things, every Uni has its different standards, some take application fees , tution fees and other lodging charges.. Some need USMLE step 1 to be completed. or in some college ,they dont charge any fees. just you have to apply there, any if any vacancy, you will get clerkship in particular field.

    4) You need to follow the instructions given on the website of the college in which you want to take the course. For that you should decide in chich college you want to take course. self finance, or free. and accordingly you should collect the documents and apply.
    Go here. you can find diff colleges which offer Electives/ clerkship course.

    5) Surgery is said to be less available branch for IMGs, but not impossible. you should get maximum score in your MLE exam.. also any clerkship program done in surgery field will be helpful, you should try to get good recommendation latter from your surgery HOD.

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