Procedure for applying for USMLE



Take the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) preferably in the senior year of medical school. You must pass all exams to begin medical resident training.


Ask your medical professors to write letters of recommendation for you. The letters are a vital part of the resident application process. Write personal statements in a cohesive manner to show your interest and the reasons for choosing the particular fields.


Update your resume. Add medical work experience and any published work and research. This makes your application unique and provides a better chance of being noticed from a pile of medical student applications.

Apply for Residency


Register with the Electronic Residency Application service (ERAS). Once you register, go to the American Medical Association website also called Freida to see a list of residency programs throughout the United States.


Choose more than one specialty when applying for a residency. Pick anesthesiology, medicine, OB-GYN, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, family practice or radiology. Many of these fields further divide into many sub-specialties. Know that there are a lot of field options to choose from.


Check the program information and admission criteria before sending your application. Call the program administrator or visit the website to get answers to any questions.


Apply on the ERAS. Upload your resume, letters of recommendation and personal statements. Interested programs will offer you an interview if they deem you qualified for their residency training program.


Sign a contract once you are offered a residency. Attend the Resident Orientation Program which usually starts in June and continues for three weeks.


Report to the Graduate Medical Education Center on your first day as a medical resident. Work with your fellow residents and professors to learn to diagnose and treat patients.


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